Why do we charge per hour instead of the size of the move?

While many movers send a sales rep to your home to give you an exact quote on your move we simply charge by the hour, after an initial fee.  This saves you money and is fair.  Sales reps sometimes earn over 20% of the quote they give.

We also don't want to limit our services to you.  If you change your mind and decide to take Grandma's old pull out couch from the basement or you bought that beautiful brown couch that fits perfectly at your new place and want to swing by the store during your move to grab it, no problem.  We don't have a fee for second stops.   A Moving N'at principle is "love the one your with" so we will do whatever it takes to get your move completed in one day, even if that means a second trip.  We have spent many an evening making a second trip between a clients old home and new. 

Why do you have leased trucks?

We lease all of our vehicles by the month, week, and even day.  Every day for a Moving N'at moving specialists is unique as each of our clients. A Moving N'at principle is "be efficient"​.  We get the best truck to serve our clients needs.  Every try to drive a 20 foot long truck in the South Side Slopes?  No?  Either would we.   

What about my sock drawer?

We ask that all drawers of any dresser, night stand, end table, ECT be emptied and packed prior to our arrival.  We will wrap everything in plastic to hold drawers in place and keep your furniture safe.  We also remove all shelves from and wrap the doors of cabinets prior to moving.  

My bed is huge!

 A Moving N'at principle is "adapt, persevere, conquer".  What we love about our work is that although its hard its never boring.  Our moving specialists come from a variety of backgrounds and are capable to adapting and overcoming many obstacles.  From removing doors, sliding through a coal shoot,  or roping a desk up and lowering it out of a window we will get your move done.  We bring hand tools and a drill to every move.  We will disassemble furniture when it is needed, either to fit through doors or for packing.  Our moving specialists will also reassemble your furniture at your new home per request.  Although we do our best please remember we specialize in moving and are not carpenters.

What about my food and my fridge?

Please let us know of any appliances that you have when you schedule.  The washer and dryer in the basement are no problem.  A Moving N'at Principle is "if it made it in, it can make it out".   We will disconnect and remove all emptied and drained appliances.  We will install appliances per request.  We recommend having an empty box/bag ready to load perishable food when its time to load the appliance.  We will do our best to load food last and unload food first.

How many guys do you bring and how long do you think my move will take?

Moving N'at uses 2 or 3 man teams of moving specialists.  Working together everyday these teams become very good at communicating and depending on each other.  Most of our moves are completed in three or four hours with a two man team.    Teams generally do two moves a day.  A Moving N'at Principle is "60 for 60".  When we are on your clock we work sixty minutes of every hour.  We consider the drive time in the truck to be our break.  

Should I pack?

Yes!  Yes!  Its our goal to move your belongings as safely and effectively as possible. A moving N'at principle is "Organize".  The more organized you are the more organized we can be too.  Here are some tips to better packing (sell boxes?)  Plastic bins and moving boxes recommended but we understand that sometimes a hefty garbage bag is a great solution for blankets and pillows.  Its always a good idea to have an extra box or two around.  You never know what you forgot!  

My building has elevators?

Unless your moving into an assisted living facility (see services) its your job to arrange the elevators with your buildings management.

Many buildings require freight elevator reservations for moving in or out.  Its a good idea to contact building management asap if your planning a move in or out of an apartment or condo.

What should I do with furniture I don't want?

Although its a good idea to try to sell or give away any furniture/appliances you don't want to bring to your new home before your move date we understand this doesn't always happen.  We will do our best to dispose of or donate items for a fee but can not guarantee we will be able to due to space in the truck.  Our teams often carry old items to the curb, dumpster, or donation center.  A Moving N'at principle is "Don't Waist" and we try to donate or recycle everything we can.

How do you accept payment?

Although we believe cash is king we can accept credit cards via mobile card reader or digital invoice for a service fee (generally 3.5%), PayPal, or  checks.  We reserve the right to check balances on accounts of all personal checks.  We don't take a deposit and only ask for payment upon completion.  

We need to re-schedule?

Maybe your closing didn't happen when you thought or the carpet guy is running a few days late just let us know asap and we will re-schedule for no charge.  Contact to confirm your move by call or text will be made 24 hours before your move and must be replied to before four hours of the start time of your move.  

How far will you travel?

Generally we stay within one hour of Pittsburgh.  In order to to serve you better we stay close to our clients and are ready to fit you into the schedule, even if its short notice.  Let us know where you are going and we will see how we can help.

How do I book a move?

Ready to schedule.  Call 412-595-6633 or Text 412-595-6633 or Contact Us Here.